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Sweetpea offers an enchanting selection of Dolls and Buddies for children of all ages from Dress Up Dolls to Mini Me Dolls there are a lot of loveliness options at Sweetpea.

All Sweetpea Dolls and Buddies are lovingly made from 100% Cotton Designer Fabrics, 100% Wool Felt and/or soft luxurious Plush Fabric. The choice is yours here is a summary of our Sweetpea Doll Range:

Blossom Doll                  Ballerina, Geisha, Mermaid

Bluebell Doll                  Dress Up

Buddy Doll                     Boys, Superhero, Pirate

Petal Doll                       Smaller and Baby Dolls

Rosebud Doll               Ready Made Dolls

Sweetie Pie                   Mini Me /Lookalike Dolls Custom Orders

There are two sizes of Sweetpea Dolls available, 15" and 18" tall and all Dolls will include an adoption certificate when ordered.


Dolls and Buddies are the perfect playmates for boys and girls of all ages, as they are CE Certified and tested to comply with British Standard EN71 for Toy Safety.

Sweetpea also offers Dress Up Softies and you will find outfits for all occasions and weathers in the A Doll Wardrobe section of the website.

Please feel free to browse.

If there are any particular items you are looking for, then please complete the Contact Form or email Sweetpea at [email protected]

Doll and Buddy Dolls are made from an Original Dolls and Daydreams® Pattern http://DollsAndDaydreams.com/