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Sweetpea Worrykeeper is an established Sweetpea product which is a very popular choice amongst Parents and Grandparents.

Sweetpea Worrykeepers are great with helping your littles ones with their worries

"Zip up your worries before you sleep"     

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Do you have little ones who worry about everything? All Children have fears and worries and don’t always tell their parents.

Well here at Sweetpea we now have Worrykeepers. Each night before bed, get your children to write, draw or even speak their worries into the Worrykeeper and zip them up tightly and place outside their bedroom doors.

Then before your bedtime take out their worries and place the Worrykeeper back by their bedroom doors and with excitement your child will check if their worries are gone each morning.

Win win situation, eventually no more worries and you will know exactly what is/was worrying your child.  You can even send them a reply if you wish to.

Not that this solves all the problems straight away, but the first step has been taken and you can be sure it will provide an immediate feeling of relief.

Sweetpea’s Worrykeepers are made from Denim fabric and fully lined with coordinating fabric to match the arms and legs with their coloured threads.