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Sweetpea’s Reading Cushion is handmade in 100% Cotton fabric with an embroidered pocket across the front. An easy envelope closing on the back of the cushion is easy to use and safe for little ones. Reading Cushions are designed to house books in their front pocket section.

The Reading Cushion is perfect for encouraging children or teenagers to read more. The Cushion creates an instant comfortable spot for children to read, or for bedtime story time.

Each Reading Cushion has an embroidered pocket which includes a graphic and verse option.

Available 18” x 18” or 16” x 16”

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Sweetpea Reading Cushion design options, so which is your favorite animal? 

  • Bee                   This Busy Bee sasys reading is sweeter than honey
  • Bunny               Fluffy bunny as cute as can be loves to read a book with you and me
  • Book Worm      I wish I was a Bookworm because they are never glum
  • Dino                  Sit back and relax and open your book there’s fun and magic on each page that you look
  • Dog                  Dogs and books are your best friends so read a book together
  • Dragon            Dragons are red as red can be they love to read like you and me
  • Dragon            Dragons are green as green can be they love to read like you and me
  • Elephant          Reading makes your world big
  • Flamingoes     Flamingoes read and stand on one leg just not the same as reading in bed
  • Frogs                Frogs look at books and say Read it Read it Read it
  • Giraffe             Giraffe stands tall and lifts his head he bends it down to read in bed
  • Hedgehog      A book is like a garden carried in your pocket
  • Horse               Happiness is a lazy day doing nothing except a bit of reading and a bit of eating
  • Kangaroo       Children are made readers on the lap of their parents
  • Kitty                 Clever Kitty reads by himself /herself hes got lots more books on his bookshelf
  • Koala              Cuddly Koala with a book on his knee says will you come and read with me
  • Lion                 A Book is a dream you hold in your hands
  • Monkey          No more monkeys jumping on the bed this little monkey loves to read a book instead
  • Owl                 Reading is dreaming with eyes open
  • Panda             Reading brings colour to a black and white world
  • Sloth                Nap all day sleep all night but still find time to read
  • Tortoise           Slow and Steady wins the race reading is fun at any pace
  • Unicorn           Imagine Dream Believe Always
  • Unicorn Girl    Reading is the magic key that takes you where you want to be
  • Whale             Reading is having a whale of time in a sea of words