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Sweetpea offers a range of Sweetpea Bluebell Dress Up Dolls for girls and boys all ages. which include a range of variations including: Nude Dolls, Dolls with Panties, Dolls with Bodysuits and more.

Bluebell Dress Up Dolls are great for imaginative play and promoting fine motor skills, their new Mummy or Daddy can change their outfits and accessories for endless fun.

Are you interested in a Mini Me or Lookalike Doll? Sweetie Pie Mini Me / Lookalike Dolls are Custom Made Personalised Dolls that are unique to you and your little one.  As these Dolls are Custom Orders the choice is yours......... you can customise your order completely, from doll size, hairstyle, hair and eye colours, clothes etc. 

Please see the Custom Order form.

All Sweetpea Dolls are CE Certified and tested to comply with British Standard EN71 for Toy Safety therefore are suitable from birth.



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There are two sizes of Sweetpea Buddy Dolls available, 15" and 18" tall. Various skintones, hairstyles, eye styles and colours are available, Dress Up Dolls include one outfit.

All Dolls will include an adoption certificate when ordered.

All Dolls and Buddies are made from an Original Dolls and Daydreams® Pattern