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If you are like me, I am often finding the three C's all over my car when I take the children out!! Yes you do too!! Cars, Crayons and Chalks get into some strange places don't they?

Well no more as Sweetpea's Caddies are great for keeping things together as the Caddy is a great storage play bag for little ones on the go!! They unfold to keep your child amused.

Pop any of the Caddies in your bag and let your child's imagination take over, they can be used again and again, and are for all budding artists on the go.  

Sweetpea Caddies at present include:

Car Caddies                                      Chalk Caddies                         Crayon Caddies




Why not be prepared wherever you go so your child has a quiet activity to keep them busy whilst travelling, visiting a restaurant, a café, doctors office, or at even at church?

All Caddies are CE Certified and tested to comply with British Standard EN71 for Toy Safety.