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Sweetpea’s Reading Cushion is handmade in 100% Cotton fabric with an embroidered pocket across the front. An easy envelope closing on the back of the cushion is easy to use and safe for little ones. Reading Cushions are designed to house books in their front pocket section.

The Reading Cushion is perfect for encouraging children or teenagers to read more. The Cushion creates an instant comfortable spot for children to read, or for bedtime story time.

Each Reading Cushion has an embroidered pocket which includes a graphic and verse option.

Available 18” x 18” or 16” x 16”

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These Reading Cushions can be a great place for storing remote controls for your appliances.

Hero Reading Cushions include the verse  - Every Story has a Hero

Graphics include

  •  Firefighter                                          
  • Nurse                                   
  • Policeman
  • Sailor
  • Soldier
  • Surgeon

Teacher Reading Cushion -  Teachers encourage minds to think hands to create and stories to love