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Christmas is coming and at Sweetpea we are counting down the 50 days until the big day! So today we are showing our Elf on The Shelf Jumpers as he will be here very soon.
Sweetpea Elf Jumpers are so cosy and will keep your Elf on the Shelf warm once he arrives in December.

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Made in fleece fabric and embroideered designs these jumpers are really a must for your Elf on the Shelf this year.


Elf Tips


  • If you have not already clip the thread that holds your Elf’s hands together.
  • It will be easier to slide the garment from the feet up instead of the head..
  • Attach safety pins to each hand for pulling he arms through the sleeves.
  • If the garment becomes dirty, hand wash in the sink and lay flat to dry.
  • Once your Elf has returned to the North Pole, store the garment in a Ziploc bag to help to keep clean, or use with your other 12“ dolls.