Toy Safety


The law regarding Children’s Toys and CE marking changed back in July 2011 when the new Toy Safety Directive came into force. This meant that all products designed or intended for play for children under the age of 14 are required by law to have a CE Logo and all soft toys must adhere to the EN71 parts 1-3 regulations and be made suitable from birth.

The only exception to this is Christmas/Novelty Decorations although they do have to comply with general product safety standards. As this is a legal requirement now for any toy which is manufactured and sold in the UK and EU you can be fined £5000 or even receive a prison sentence if you are making and selling toys without the CE mark.


All Sweetpea toys made and sold carry the CE mark and are certified to be safe from birth. It is the law that toys or items that have a play value, may be used as toys, or are appealing to children under the age of 14 years of age should be safe and tested to ensure they meet strict guidelines. I carry out these tests and am very pleased and proud that my items are labelled CE compliant.

All of my handmade toys and any accessories/clothing they come with, have been fully tested in the UK to conform with the EN71 Soft Toy Safety Regulations 2011. They conform to EN 71 parts 1-2 2011 and EN71-3 2013 and carry the CE logo on their labels and are suitable for all ages.

Sweetpea by being CE Tested ensures that you as a buyer, are getting a quality safe product for your loved ones.


Sweetpea Labels or Tag Labels are for information only so please remove the label along with the attached ribbon before giving it to a child. Please retain this label for future reference.

FINALLY - your gorgeousness is delicate, so hand wash only.

If there are any particular items you are looking for, then please complete the Contact Form or email Sweetpea at [email protected]